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Want to make your school culture, climate, and instruction better than it already is? You will want to participate in this systems-approach to doing so: Rather than come to you with a set system of how to do things, we take a look along with you and determine the best “next” steps. Then, we design and facilitate customized professional development to meet your needs. Talk to us about setting up this systemic approach in a format that will meet your needs and time-frame.

Welda Consults -Take a closer look

Let’s take a look together at your school:


And, plan your “next steps”.

“Welda’s knowledge and experience with differentiation strategies, enthusiasm for the subject matter, and techniques for engaging students is without parallel.”
“Welda offers workshop participants interactive, relevant instruction. Teachers leave the workshops with a foundational understanding of learning styles and tools to help all learners grow.”
“Welda is very gifted at leading teachers to the next step in understanding how to make differentiation really happen in their classrooms. I have taken many online classes and workshops; Welda’s classes on differentiation remain to be the best that I have taken.”



Prevent the negative behaviors from even occurring: utilize techniques that help students clearly know what the expectations are and that they can trust you will always expect the same thing each day.

Instructional Best Practices


Research-based best practices for state standards lesson planning and powerful instructional strategies.


Basic training and coaching in differentiation as well as training in “rigorous differentiation” for those teachers who already do some differentiation in their classrooms is available.

Personalized Learning Through Technology

Supporting students using digital tools in 1:1, blended, and flipped classrooms.

Project-Based Learning

Helping teachers design PBL with or without the use of educational technology.

teachers working in groups

Professional Learning Communities

Understand, design, and develop professional learning communities within educational settings that focus on student learning, encourage collaboration, create shared norms and values, and support reflective dialogue.

Building a Positive School Climate

School Climate & Social Emotional Learning

Transform school climate and culture by creating a solid understanding regarding the importance of school climate and safety.

Writing Workshops

Writing Workshops

A complete process of writing that is adapted from a Johns Hopkins model. Each skill must be taught and practiced.

Currintz Project

Currintz Project

This is a curriculum project, based on student interests. Students study their background and/or surrounding community and share their findings in the form of products.